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Oh Captain! My Captain!

LOS ANGELES - JUL 29:  Robin Williams arrives at the 2013 CBS TCToday the world is mourning the loss of an artistic legend. The breadth of Robin Williams’ talent spanned the same distance that his career breaking character Mork travelled way back in 1978 when it first aired. Throughout the years he’s made us laugh and cry while fighting a courageous and difficult battle of his own unbeknownst to all those who watched. His mental illness was left “unsaid,” as it does with many, many people. Myself, I hadn’t heard he was battling depression but deep down, I wasn’t surprised. So often, those who shine so bright are hiding a dark shadow within. I can’t say that I don’t understand what he was going through. Those dark times sometimes threaten to completely consume you. Sometimes, there’s an external flicker of light that eases the pain and loneliness for a while and can offer hope that things will get better, but it’s not something that you can just get over. It takes time, support, patience, love….


“The loneliest people are the kindest.
The saddest people smile the brightest.
All because they do not wish to see
anyone suffer the way they do.”



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Bad Karma

Poutine makes everything better.I should have stayed in bed. I, literally should have never left it. Those days when bad mojo hovers thick like air in Hamilton on a hot, humid summer day, should automatically, be considered sick days. There’s been nothing big, (well, fixing the hot water heater might be financially big, who knows) just a series of little crappy things…little losses. It makes my little brain and little heart hurt.

Maybe you’ve seen it too….but I was tagged in a challenge on Facebook to come up with 3 positive things every day for 5 days. Today’s happy thoughts were simple though…poutine topped the list as well as not being maimed or killed whilst drowning in this vat of bad karma. The benefit of this challenge has been how it can change how I look at things, at least for a while.

Ok, it’s not so bad really, just frustrating. My woes are minuscule compared to what others are dealing with today…one friend just lost their mother and another is dealing with a broken tibia that may need surgery. Now a broken water heater, smacking my head on a cupboard door and taking a baseball to the shoulder and a glove to the face is nothing! Still doesn’t mean I don’t want to kick Karma’s a$$!

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#RAKit – Who are you going to RAK?

This is just a pretty picture....not really relevant to the topic!

This is just a pretty picture….not really relevant to the topic!

The Chive
I love this crazy little site. It’s a source of lots of photos, videos, links…general time wasters. It’s also filled with awesome people. The Chive charity has given countless numbers of people financial help they need for a whole host of causes. They also kicked off the week with a challenge to all their followers. RAK week. And their reasoning is very sound. With all the chaos in the world, maybe we need a little kindness!

So here’s the challenge…go out and RAK someone today!!! I took popsicles to some friends working hard outside in today’s hot, mugginess. Yesterday, I shared candy with my ball team, and well….does shooting them all with a water gun count as a RAK?

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But I like monkeys….

From By iLocalised Image URI:

By iLocalised
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I keep seeing this quote popping up on the net, “Every time you feel yourself being pulled into other people’s drama, repeat these words…..NOT MY CIRCUS, NOT MY MONKEYS.”  Not so much keen on the drama, but yes, monkeys are quite cool. My volleyball team is even made of monkeys…


Does that mean I have monkeys? 

Anyway, I am still feeling a little lost, which is why this site has fallen silent. Life has been full of stories of illness, murder, robbery, identity theft, abduction, animal cruelty…just so many reasons why a moat filled with hungry crocks would be a fantastic gardening option for my home. It’s just hard to think that my buying a stranger a cuppa joe can make a difference.

But maybe it’s not about changing the world.

Maybe it’s about changing yourself. It’s been so easy to withdraw into the safety of eremitism. After all, it’s much easier to handle loss (of any kind) when you have no one to lose right? It’s also made me lose my sense of fun.

So enough of that! I’m not letting the “bastards get me down,” as a former coworker used to say all the time. Starting yesterday, I RAK’d the lady behind me in the Tim Horton’s drive through. It’s a start right?

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Hit & Miss

I love, love, LOVE to play volleyball. So much so that I’m not on just one, but two teams. If there was some way that I could get into the other league I heard about, I would be so all over that too. Did I mention I love volleyball? I always have. I played from public school in high school and straight through university. It wasn’t until I hit the “real world” that I stopped. Now, much to the chagrin of my middle aged hips and knees, I’m making up for lost time, all the while hoping that they’ll start acting like the 25 year old my brain keeps thinking I am. But it’s fun. A lot of fun. Even though it seems that there are a few that feel the need to tease, harass and generally pick on me, it’s a good group of people. Definitely made my night.

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Take a left please…..

Who knew that going out for supper could be so much fun. I mean, yes, we are supposed to enjoy our food, but should that come at the expense of a poor waiter just trying to learn the ropes and earn some money? Why yes. Yes it should. The poor boy didn’t stand a chance against one of my slightly crazy moods. Which was, no doubt, brought on by too much water on the brain from to my bi-weekly walk in a downpour with my dedicated walking buddy this morning. So, I’m normally not a strange request sort of person, but what started out as a joke, turned into just that.

Me: I’ll have the half chicken dinner.
Waiter: Would you like white or dark meat?
Me: Well, both, it’s half a chicken, so I’d like the left half.
Waiter: The left half? (looking very confused)
Me: Yes, the left half.
Waiter: Anything else with that?
Me: Nope that’s good thanks!

Really, my indicated preference for the port side of the bird was meant only as clarification. However, a short time later, my meal appeared and lookie there, it’s the left side of the chicken! I somehow wonder if in the kitchen I was the brunt of many a joke or scowl. “Some crazy woman wants the LEFT side of a chicken. WTH is that?”

So, that interaction in itself made my day. Yes, he got a GOOD tip and I have the top-left half of a chicken left over for my lunch. Not bad for a rainy day!

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Peas in a Pod

Two peas in a pod cupcake by Ana Fuji.

Two peas in a pod cupcake by Ana Fuji. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a twin. Well, kind of. Not one by blood, but she’s every bit like a sister to me. I’m lucky that way. I have several close “sisters,” all of which are by choice not genetics. Being an only child has meant I’ve extended my family by making strong friendships. So my twin, shares many of my beliefs, thoughts, interests and hobbies all while being able to offer up a differing point of view when I need one. Last night we finally had a chance to catch up after a few days of not even being able to text much. As it is, we text, email or message each other most days, sometimes a few times a day! I enjoy this kind of relationship with a few people. I would never change it. These people make crummy days bearable…so that was my happy thing in an otherwise, unremarkable day yesterday. Oh, and the handle on my refrigerator door is still broken, I’m thinking of leaving it that way.