Take a left please…..

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Who knew that going out for supper could be so much fun. I mean, yes, we are supposed to enjoy our food, but should that come at the expense of a poor waiter just trying to learn the ropes and earn some money? Why yes. Yes it should. The poor boy didn’t stand a chance against one of my slightly crazy moods. Which was, no doubt, brought on by too much water on the brain from to my bi-weekly walk in a downpour with my dedicated walking buddy this morning. So, I’m normally not a strange request sort of person, but what started out as a joke, turned into just that.

Me: I’ll have the half chicken dinner.
Waiter: Would you like white or dark meat?
Me: Well, both, it’s half a chicken, so I’d like the left half.
Waiter: The left half? (looking very confused)
Me: Yes, the left half.
Waiter: Anything else with that?
Me: Nope that’s good thanks!

Really, my indicated preference for the port side of the bird was meant only as clarification. However, a short time later, my meal appeared and lookie there, it’s the left side of the chicken! I somehow wonder if in the kitchen I was the brunt of many a joke or scowl. “Some crazy woman wants the LEFT side of a chicken. WTH is that?”

So, that interaction in itself made my day. Yes, he got a GOOD tip and I have the top-left half of a chicken left over for my lunch. Not bad for a rainy day!

One thought on “Take a left please…..

  1. hahaha! Love it.

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