Karma Schmarma

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file000194015066Screw you Karma. I’m not letting you punish me anymore. I punish myself enough that I don’t need you to join in. It seems that it doesn’t matter how much good you try to do, bad S#!T still happens to you, people still hurt you, illness and injury take a toll and things go drastically wrong. I can’t keep believing that some mystical force is working for and against you based on things you do and decisions you make. All I can do is strive to be a good person. Love those that love me. Be kind to others and try to do what I can to make the world a better place. That is exactly what I will do. We all make mistakes, or find out the decisions we’ve made weren’t the best….but it’s not done intentionally. Typically, most people do things based on the information they have at the time or based on the feelings the feel, how can you be punished for trying your best or for having feelings? I need to be free of this concept.  I forever walk around wondering what I’ve done to deserve the crap that is dealt to me, then trying to make up for it. It’s time to let that go. I’m finished with trying to atone for things I’ve done while only trying hard to do my best with the situations and events in my life.


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