Fluff and fold….



laundry (Photo credit: bies)

Is it weird to be excited by doing laundry? Ok, maybe it is, but maybe I should explain. It’s been a crazy and somewhat disappointing weekend. I’ve been preoccupied by preparations for a large art show the last week or so. Framing, painting, more framing. There was little thought about doing laundry. I had plenty of time for that right? Well, apparently not as far as Mr. Murphy is concerned. I swear if I ever get a chance I’m kicking that dude in the….well, anyway. Wednesday night the dryer dies and of course there’s a giant wet load of ‘nothing that I needed for the weekend’ sitting in the washer and no repairs in sight until Tuesday. Tuesday! Fortunately, I’m an artist, so my apparel can be a little, let’s just say, unique. So I don’t believe anyone even noticed I was sans-fashion, with the exception of footwear. I rocked the footwear. Now, the dryer is fixed and I’m about to embark on garment spiffing mecca. There’s something just satisfying about laundry for me. The smell of the detergent and softener, the hum of the, now warm, dryer. Folding everything just so. If only I had a volunteer to put it all away……

2 thoughts on “Fluff and fold….

  1. Not a volunteer, an apprentice! (aka slave…)

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