Little things

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English: Ruby-crowned kinglet in Ohio

English: Ruby-crowned kinglet in Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes it’s really the little things that truly amuse me. For the last 2 days it’s been the tree outside my office window. It’s been the host for several bird homes and visitors over the months. Wednesday I spied what I believe to be a female Ruby Crowned Kinglet that must have just stopped for a rest on her way through. The number of times that I am quietly working only to spy movement in the tree and am lost there for what seems like hours watching whatever creatures may visit. Thursday, it was woodpeckers. I feel sorry for my friends and family who are often subjected to my magpie like attention span. Oops….shiny thing! Or in most cases….bird! I can be walking with someone having deep, involved conversation only to blurt out the next bird species I see or hear as it flits by. Most people I know are now used to it, however those who aren’t, I’m sure , must think I have a neurological disorder. I don’t, I just really like birds!

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