Ready, set, RUN!

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Rad DogWhat do you get when you combine loud music, a white t-shirt, coloured powder and paint spray guns? A hot, wet mess. That is what Colour Me RAD is all about!

I’m not a great runner. I’ve been running a while, but knowing just how BAD I am at it, I’ve not pushed myself too fast for fear that I’d quit. It’s been a slow progress. No, actually, it’s been glacial.  Today I ran my best time for a 5k thanks to my fellow runner and “Splatter Sister,” who patiently ran with me, offering encouragement and even let me set the pace. She was awesome! So what did I do after the run? How do you top a pinnacle of fun-ness like that? You go shopping in the clothes you ran in of course! Watching the range of reactions from outright laughing to looks of disturbed, concern is almost as fun as being pelted and sprayed with a multitude of colours!

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