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Untitled (Photo credit: L-T-L)

It still sometimes surprises me that I create art for a living! It surprises me  even more that people want to hear what I have to about it. Yesterday, I taught a second of two Saturday classes at the local gallery. I tend to get very anxious before a class. Planning it, printing references, creating a sample (something that doesn’t always get done) and deciding how to convey the information….just stressful. What if I don’t make any sense? What if it takes too long, or worse, what if we run out of stuff to do before the time is up?! However. When the day finally arrives and I start, it all fades away. This is simply because of the students I teach. They not only challenge me with their questions, they inspire me. I learn a lot from them! There is a small group of special ladies that have made it out to most of my classes. These women make the classes easy. It’s like painting with friends. Even though by the end of the day we were all tired (sounds strange to most that an entire day of painting and talking is tiring, but for an introvert like me it surely is!) it certainly made my day!

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