Where the wind blows

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Imagine this. You’re sitting in your car in the parking lot at the mall, doing whatever last-minute things you may do before exiting, when a gust of wind suddenly rages. You glance up and that’s when you see it.  Attacking with a vengeance, the wind urging it on….a rogue shopping cart hurling itself toward the side of your car. CRASH. There it stops, as if to survey its handiwork, lingering over your car’s new battle wound. Ok, it’s a little dramatic, but you get my point. On a windy day, a shopping cart can travel at speeds that render a cheetah jealous if not housed safely in its corral. While at the mall today, I gathered some rogue carts after emptying mine at my car and returned them to their stockade averting another attack on a helpless vehicle.

English: Kid's shopping cart, picture taken at...

English: Kid’s shopping cart, picture taken at a Wegman’s store in the U. S. Deutsch: Kinder-Einkaufswagen, fotografiert an einem Wegman’s-Supermarkt in den USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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