Hey you! Yeah you! You’re beautiful!

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A friend of mine has a painting in her house which simply states “You’re Beautiful” and is adorned with a heart. It’s magnificence lies within its simplicity. You honestly cannot look upon it without smiling. Last night I stumbled across a website whose mission is to do just what my friend’s painting accomplishes on a grander scale. encourages people to leave inspiring notes in various places for people to see. The goal being to lift the spirits of someone who’s feeling down or who suffers from the same negative self-talk affliction I seem to succumb to at times. It also strives to combat some of that negative self talk. Dove has also come a long way toward trying to combat the unrealistic body images the media has perpetuated throughout the years which contributes to the self esteem issues many women and now many men face from a very young age.

So today I placed a few of these notes in various locals. Especially women’s washroom mirrors where most women’s self criticism starts. It is a seriously fun and addictive undertaking! I quite enjoyed the entire process. Try it. You never know how something so simple can change someone’s day. Now I need to create my own “beautiful” painting for my wall. We all need a reminder sometimes of how beautiful we really are.


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