Don’t listen to that voice!

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I’m sure we all do it. I think it’s part of our genetic make up or a consequence of our social construct, but I know we all must do it to some extent, in some fashion. It’s self-talk. It can be negative, or positive, up lifting of self-limiting, it’s up to you. I personally find negative self talk to be so much more prevalent than a positive commentary in my mind. I think a lot of it stems from my tendency toward being a perfectionist. I tend to have very high expectations for myself and what I do, so if I don’t live up to that, well, you know the drill. So today, I worked on an act of kindness for MYSELF. This morning I caught myself in the midst of one of these negative trains of thought. So I decided that today, the act of kindness should be for me my deed was to stop negative self-talk in it’s tracks! This proved much more difficult than I initially anticipated….I was rather grumpy so it took a little work! But I eventually started to feel better. Anyway…it’s a work in progress!

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