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Nothing Beats a Fountain Pen

Nothing Beats a Fountain Pen (Photo credit: kartikay.sahay)


The last few days I’ve been a bit discouraged by the behaviour of people I meet. I try to remember that I don’t know what is going on in their lives to cause them to act the way they do, that being either rude, or abrupt, or entitled…but it’s bothered me quite a lot. It’s also made it difficult to bestow kindnesses on others. Having just witnessed a mass display of selfishness and entitlement has prompted me to ensure that I do something today to let a few people in my life know how even the littlest things that they do that may seem insignificant to others are really quite special. I had mentioned on the 12th after writing 12 things that I love about 12 people in my life that I wanted to let more people know how important they are to me. Tonight was that night. I’ve written to a number people I know I haven’t told how much I appreciate their input in my life and have done something for me that I truly do cherish. This act has served to not only, hopefully, make them smile, but has also helped me overcome some of that negativity I was feeling earlier. How can someone continue be negative when they see how many fabulous people are surrounding them!?


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