All the Pretty Flowers

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white flower_0361

white flower_0361 (Photo credit: mondays child)

I rarely buy flowers for myself but I must admit, I do enjoy getting them. I have a friend that told me a story about the only time she ever received flowers from her husband. It was just after one of her children were born and she thought they were the most lovely flowers she’d seen. She was thrilled and, little did she know that this was the only time she’d receive flowers from her beau. She was thrilled by them, even after she returned home from the hospital to find he had snatched all the prized blooms from her own gardens!

Today, I delivered a festive winter white Christmas arrangement to this lovely lady. Normally, we get together on Christmas Eve, but tonight we weren’t able to and knowing she loves flowers, even ones that aren’t picked from her own garden, I thought it a nice idea to drop some by.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you find peace and happiness this holiday.

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