Lifting Weights

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dumbbells (Photo credit: Judy **)

I think reusable grocery bags are a great idea, but I have yet to figure out why some are so large! Large ones are great for light items, but stack half a dozen cans and a few condiment bottles in one and it becomes a soft sided dumbbell! This was the case this morning at a local grocery store. The elderly lady in front of me at the checkout had two large eco bags that the cashier filled with what would have made me wince! I watched as the lady struggled to lift the first bag into the cart. Then attempted to place some other lighter items in as the cart shifted around making it impossible to place them in. I grabbed the cart to steady it for her and watched the cashier fill the other bag. I reached over and picked it up and placed it into her cart for her. She thanked me graciously and went about her day. As did I!

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