Another Door Opens…

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christmas-gift (Photo credit: top10things)

Ok, well, I said that opening or holding doors open for people didn’t count, in my opinion, as an act of kindness, but the reaction I saw from those who watched made me think that maybe it does. I had stopped at a local, downtown merchant to pick up a gift I had ordered. I heard one of the ladies at the counter say “we need help at the door,” looking toward the youngster working there, who was tied up with another customer. All the patrons looked to the entrance to see an elderly man pulling his wife in a wheelchair, halfway through the first door of the two door shop. I sprung into action and ran to open the other door, which opened outward, making for an extremely awkward position. To keep the substantial door open while they manoeuvred through, I was leaning heavily against it, my balance precariously dependent on that door and the breadth of its opening. The kind gentleman said, “thank you, we can make it from here.” Unfortunately, I was already committed to keeping that door open and I was there until they were through. “If I let go, I’ll fall down!” I chuckled in reply. To me, this was not a big deal. It’s what I figure anyone would do…or should do (although having spent a couple of months in a wheel chair after an accident, I know first hand that this isn’t the case.) However, as I returned to the counter to pay for my purchase, the other patrons offered me accolades and the shop owners offered their thanks. THIS is what surprised me. An act so simple shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is. I guess it is a big deal to those that appreciate it.

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