The Shirt Off My Back

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Clothing (Photo credit: Nikita Kashner)

After sorting through my clothing (honestly, how many black t-shirts does one really need) I bagged up the seemingly monstrous pile on the floor. I do this fairly regularly, at least yearly. My husband has a rule, “one in, one out.” Unless it’s MY clothing and it’s “one in, TWO out!” Don’t worry, I don’t listen. It’s all in good fun and as styles change and my clothing requirements for work shift, it’s liberating to get rid of some of the stuff I don’t really wear. It also makes room for more! I inherited quite a few things of my mom’s after she passed away this summer. Some of it, I just couldn’t part with at the time. It was too soon, so I hung on to it. Some of it was indeed a part of my wardrobe maybe a year or two ago. It was just time to let it go.

Choosing what organization would find these formerly styling threads a new home is always easy. There are many organizations that will gladly take your old duds off your hands. Today, I donated mine to the Canadian Diabetes Association. I have family and friends that are diabetic making the decision easy.

Now, where did I see that 60% off all sweaters sale again?

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