Food, food and more food bank

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This morning, as I selected an assortment of coupons from Kraft Canada (all of which I learned of through my facebook account) I noticed an ad for Kraft Food for Families. Kraft Food for Families allows you to select a food bank near you and add your name to a list of support. Each region receives $20 000, then at the end of December, the food bank in each region with the most names of support will receive a bonus donation of $5,000! What a great way to help!

Then tonight I am going to a Christmas party for a women’s league I belong to. It’s an annual event, with great food and well….”interesting” entertainment. Years ago, we would bring in a bag of food for the local food bank and it would all be loaded into someone’s car at the end of the evening and delivered the next day. We’ve since discovered that cash is much easier to carry! So I’ll be taking my monetary contribution to the festivities tonight as well.

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit:

One thought on “Food, food and more food bank

  1. What fun! I cleaned up on the draws at the party. There are also tickets sold 3 for a dollar to raise a little money for the group on prizes brought by the membership. Our table really cleaned up. So, to spread the wealth, I handed out all but 2 of my prizes. I didn’t need it all and it made other people happy too!

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