Shopping with Dad

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christmas shop

christmas shop (Photo credit: Scorpions and Centaurs)

My dad and I used to go shopping together when I was young, typically, on Christmas Eve to pick out some gifts for mom. He’s always needed a little help figuring out what to buy the people in his life. Truth is, my father has only ever gone Christmas shopping a handful of times on his own. Last year was the first time I’d seen it in recent memory. Mom was just too weak to go for long and it was really important to her that we had gifts and a somewhat normal Christmas. In recent years he’s simply handed me money to go pick something out for mom, but he’s always had a suggestion or two. This year he asked my husband and I for help with his Christmas shopping. Apparently, I’m hard to buy for – I can’t see it. I like everything! So off we went to shop, have lunch and visit with my dad.

One thought on “Shopping with Dad

  1. enjoy your time with your dad….It’s good to have this time together….What kind of gift ideas did you give him…lol

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