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It’s Murphy’s Law that whenever you’re in a hurry, people in front of you tend to move slower –  so do drive through lines. However, it gave me time to decide that I’d pay for the order behind me…if someone showed up. They did, but at first it didn’t look promising. I asked the lady at the drive through window to just wish the lady behind me (who looked a little grumpy too) a Merry Christmas. I couldn’t see her when she learned of my gesture, but I had hoped it put a smile on her face.

This week, I learned that someone I went to high school with committed suicide. I know that people who do this feel there is no hope or end to whatever pain they’re in. It’s so sad to consider how that must feel. I find myself wondering what people are thinking when I see them, much like the lady behind me in the drive through today. Her facial expression wasn’t a happy one. Was she simply deciding on what she’s ordering? Is she having a bad day? Even those you do meet who are smiling and happy, may only be so outwardly, concealing whatever pain they may be feeling. It’s hard to know what affect your actions or words will have on someone. A seemingly harmless comment may seem harsh or hurtful to the ears of someone who is in the midst of a personal struggle. Conversely, something as simple as a “thank you” can make someone’s day.

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  1. Has any one told you lately that you rock? Cause you do. It would never occur to me (or most anyone) todo what you did. XO

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