Gifts from the Angel Tree

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Every year, I walk past the Angel Tree displaying cards with the Christmas wishes of children in my community. Stopping to read a few, knowing that without the kindness of strangers, these children may not get gifts on Christmas Eve, I wanted to take one to help out, but for some reason, I never have. This year, I stopped again to read some. The typical wishes for video games and iPods filled many of the cards, but one stood out as if I was meant to see it. I could totally relate to what she wanted! It was a list I’d have written if I were her age. With that realization, I took it home with me. I chose each gift as if it were something I’d buy for myself…well, except for the Novi Doll…I’m still not entirely sure what that is….and the doll BESIDE it on the shelf looked WAY cooler! I stuck to the art supplies.

Today, I delivered the gifts I found for her to the Salvation Army. I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed buying them for her.

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