Food for thought


We didn’t always have a lot when I was a child. We never went hungry, but I remember times when mom would carefully plan her grocery list to make sure that she didn’t surpass the money she had in her purse. Things were tight sometimes and mom was a genius at keeping a running cash receipt, tax and all, in her head as we walked through the supermarket. There are many people who struggle like this or even more so, relying on the kindness of strangers who donate food to local food banks. My family always somehow managed to get by but there are many others for whom donations are a godsend.

A few items for the food bank.

Every year, our postmaster (err, post mistress?) organizes a toy and food drive for the Salvation Army in our area. She has done this for a number of years and it is always a huge success. So today, when I stopped to buy milk I also picked up a few things to donate to the food drive – some pasta, canned meat, oatmeal, jam…even gum, then delivered it to our local post office.

Last year she raised $785 in cash, collected 150 toys and 514 food items.

If you are able, check out what your local food bank needs. Typically, jams, juice, lunchbox snacks, cereals, canned meat, canned fruit and veggies pastas and baby foods are in constant need.

Every little bit helps a family in need.

2 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. So many people forget what it was like when we were kids. I remember much the same as you – Mom being careful with money and meals being sufficient but not in excess (and not very exciting) but that there was always room for generousity. Kudos to your mail delivery person for being generous and making things happen!

  2. Those that know me, know my situation and also know I don’t have much to offer and when offered stuff I refuse, not just because of my pride (which does play a small part) but I want my children to learn to appreciate and respect what they are given.

    I too didn’t have much growing up and found out the other day that one of my happy memories of a Christmas wasn’t easy on my parents, however I explained to my mom thru her tears that this particular Christmas memory Is indeed one of my happiest, I think it made her feel better about what her and my father did accomplish that one particular Christmas.

    When I do have extra, I am always willing to help. Drop loose change in a basket, donate clothes instead of selling them.

    So it isn’t so much as what you don’t have, it’s what you can make of what do have. Memories….loving, happy memories.

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