Shut the Front Door!

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Holy Cats! Can it be?!

While attempting to retrace my steps to find a website that I located while researching gynecologic cancers, I found another site that is completely in line with the movement toward awareness that I’m hoping to achieve! It’s a section of the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) website. There you can see the campaign they’ve launched to raise awareness about Gynecological Cancers, called “Inside Knowledge: Get the Facts about Gynecologic Cancer.” ……how clever!

It has great downloadable materials and fabulous information.  There are survivor stories, print materials, buttons and badges for websites…’s like the universe sat down and read my blog! Fabulous! There’s only one problem……the colour they’ve chosen to represent gyecological cancers is PURPLE! While I had considered this colour as it was mom’s favourite and consequentially mine too, but it seemed more sites indicated teal. If using purple, it leaves teal to be solely associated with ovarian cancer. Can I still change my mind on the colour?? I know, I know – the colour is less important than the information contained within, however, it’s the graphic designer in me shining through, thinking of how to use these things in marketing a campaign. Just as pink has become synonymous with Breast Cancer, I hope my chosen colour will become associated with gynecological cancer awareness.

I hope you’ll have a look at the site. It’s filled with great information. It’s really set my day off to a great start!

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