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In the last several months I’ve been surrounded by some amazing people. Some have been my friends for most of my life. They are permanent fixtures. Occasionally we’d drift our separate ways, losing touch for sometimes years, but inevitably, we seem to find our way back and it’s as if we’ve never been apart. You all know who you are and I love you.

Some of these people I’ve only just recently met and we have, I hope, formed friendships that will continue throughout the rest of our lives. They’ve shown me, a veritable stranger, much understanding and kindness all at a time when I was losing faith that people like them still existed.

Some of these people, I’ve never met, or met only very briefly. It amazes me that we’ve been able to form such meaningful and close friendships without spending any time in each other’s presence.

The fact of the matter is, friends are friends….regardless of how they meet, where they are, and how long they’ve known each other. These friends have been godsends. They’ve renewed my faith in people and kindness and made me want to be more like them. They’ve been here through all the tough times I’ve had in these last few months. They’ve made me laugh, listened to me cry and rant (sometimes cried with me too), sat with me in silence and offered me encouragement. They’ve made me want to be a kinder person. You’ve become my “family.” You’ve stuck around when it could have been just as easy to walk away. You have no real ties to me other than being friends, yet you’ve been here through as much as any family could be. Thank you.

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