Just a Little More Time


Most of us are so busy these days that we often find ourselves saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” We have the best of intentions, yet unfortunately, we often never “do it,” tomorrow. This can apply to anything really. The book you wanted to read, the email you wanted to send, the phone call you wanted to make, saying “I love you” to someone you love…..but what if, you didn’t have tomorrow? What if something stood in your way? Could you live with what you didn’t do tomorrow, or, live without it?

Recently, I found myself wanting just a little more time to spend with someone very special to me. My mother has been fighting a hard battle with cancer and is losing it. I no longer have the chance to say the things I wanted to say to her, or do the things I wanted to do with her. So in essence, tomorrow, isn’t coming in this part of my life. So here, I wanted to say those many things left unsaid. Starting with this one more time…..I love you mom.


4 thoughts on “Just a Little More Time

  1. There are many days when I always say that it can wait until tomorrow. There are always things I regret to do because sometimes, tomorrow never comes. I wish that you and I could have gotten together more often, but as people, we do get caught up in our everyday lives and tend to put things on the back burner. Everyone has those regrets, but as a mother, we always know that we are loved and that life sometimes gets too busy for our children to spend time with us or for us to even spend time with our parents. Last summer I felt like I was going to lose my father and am forutnate to still have him around. At the same time, I feel like I don’t spend the time with my parents like I should. R, you are an inspiration.

  2. I found this poem.

    More Time
    © Shavon Mcclendon
    Hold love ones close to you
    Don’t stray away whatever you do
    Once the time you have is gone it’s gone
    And the feeling is unbearable
    Time waits on no one
    I keep telling myself not today
    All day I pray
    Help me god! Help me god! Help me!
    Can we go back please God let me
    It’s too late
    Can things be undone please please
    I’ll pay any rate
    No it’s too late
    My heart is filled with pain
    The tears come down like rain
    We can’t change things now
    But my mind is racing with “what if”
    Why can’t cancer end like a fairytale or even be a myth
    Somebody please take this sorrow
    It’s too late
    Time does not wait

  3. Oh, time…the elusive enemy of happiness.


    Sunny and Take Back Teal

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